Is The Truth About Your Trace Minerals Crystal Clear or Clear As Mud?

Not all minerals are created equal. For years the debate has raged on over which kind of minerals are the best for our human bodies. (Organic, inorganic, clay, colloidal, petrified vegetation, ancient organic sea beds, ionic, etc. . . ) All of this debate has left most people more confused than ever.

Minerals by their very nature are inorganic, non-living substances that are used by living creatures, or are they? Petrified vegetation, ancient organic sea bed, petroleum products, coal and diamonds by some standards could all be considered organic but are dead and lifeless, containing minerals and other nutrients largely inassimilable by the human body.

Ionic minerals on the other hand which may be considered inorganic by most standards are actually pure living minerals. In nature nonliving things have the tendency to break down and eventually wash away, go from organization to disintegration. Only living things have the tendency to build up towards a more perfect state, to heal themselves, collect that which is good, incorporate it, utilize it or make it better. Ionic minerals although considered inorganic/carbonless, fall into this category of living things.

Minerals when broken down into this smallest ionic state and then put into water will break down into solution making them assimilable by the human body. Once into solution they will conduct or even produce electrical energies which keep living things alive. Also when water is removed from a solution of ionic minerals, the minerals will combine and organize into crystals. Thus going from a state of disorganization to an organized state.

Whereas any other form of mineral, be it colloidal, clay, petrified vegetation or ancient organic sea beds, will not even go into a true solution with water, making them very difficult to assimilate. Some of the mineral particles might float or suspend in the water, but those particles would be tool large to pass through the semi permeable membrane of the cell wall. They will not conduct or produce energy and when the water is removed will not crystallize, but turn into mud, dirt or dust.

The choice seems to be crystal clear. Hopefully you are using a trace mineral supplement that is taken from Utah's Inland Sea where the mineral are not only ionic but highly concentrated and in a balance almost identical to that found in healthy blood plasma or the lymphatic system.