Hans Florine and Powerhouse Sports Recovery Plus

Note: Hans Florine is well known both inside and outside the Climbing community. He has scaled El Capitan, the 3,600 foot monolith located in Yosemite 35 times. He holds the record for the fastest ascent of El Capitan: 4 hours and 22 minutes. Trace Minerals is a proud sponsor of Hans Florine.

I've been climbing for 14 years and training hard for competitive climbing for seven years. Long before that, I was introduced to periodized training in three years of high school track and field and soccer. After that it was five years at college where I underwent intense year-round training for track and field. During that time my body was put to the test and as it often happens when you push yourself to the limit, I suffered from injuries including tendonitis in one shoulder, shin splints and a sprained wrist. Through equally intense recovery programs, I was able to rehabilitate the injuries and time my healing so that I could perform at peak levels when necessary. In the end, I went on to become an All-American in the pole vault.

Since I started training hard for competitive climbing I've recovered from two torn finger tendons, elbow tendonitis, a torn meniscus and a rotor cuff injury. Despite these setbacks, I've won a national championship, a world championship and managed to remain undefeated in speed climbing on this continent.

How do you fend off injury when you feel it coming on and how do you rehabilitate it quickly and permanently? Wow, I've tried ingesting a bunch of stuff with the exception of steroids and cortisone. This, on top of the "other" things to do, like Rest, Ice, Circulation and Elevation. I want to keep myself injury-free in the first place, but also recover faster when I do suffer an injury.

I believe and understand rudimentary science/biology and know there are things you can consume that will be good for your body. I understand the powerful combination of the right supplements and the right attitude. This is what I've experienced with Trace Minerals Research's Powerhouse Plus Sports Recovery formula. The science of the product makes sense, the Trace Minerals Research testimonies are good but even better is the "non-TMR" observations and research that reaffirms the products validity toward the intended use.

Take, for instance, the Glucosamine in Trace Minerals Research's Powerhouse Plus Sports Recovery. Glucosamine has been exhaustively researched because of it's great benefit to arthritis patients. Combine the resources of the Arthritis Foundation with the sports nutrition and you have a formidable team of experts testing and gathering statistics that include double blind tests, huge test groups, long term experiments, etc.

Why does all this make a difference to me? My tendons and joints are particularly at risk when training hard for and competing in sport climbing. In a sense, climbers are really all young arthritis patients. I've actually seen it happen and heard the "pop" when other climbers have pulled finger tendons. I am to the point where I won't train my fingers unless I've got Glucosamine in my system.

If you back this up with Bromelain, Devil's Claw, Yucca and other herbs, enzymes and nutrients that have shown positive effects on joint and soft tissue health the Trace Minerals Research minerals help deliver these substances to your system. Now you've got a true "Powerhouse" of a sport training supplement.

I am just a human, the most powerful entity in the known universe, and I know that anything is possible to those that put their mind to it. So put your mind to IT and give a little help with the science in Trace Minerals Research's Powerhouse Plus Sports Recovery Plus

See you in the winner's circle.

Hans Florine, Fastest Human on the Vertical.