Trace Minerals Research Podcasts

Click the link to listen to these educational .mp3 audio files about minerals and trace minerals. These interviews and lectures will help you understand why you need to supplement your body with ionic trace minerals from ConcenTrace®.

Our own Dr. Darrin Starkey was a guest on the "AM-Impact on Your Health" radio show with Dr. Dennis J. Courtney, the leading physician for The Centers for Complementary Health in McMurray, PA. Dr. Courtney has been practicing medicine since 1986 and integrated alternative medicine into his practice in 1994. He is actively involved in physician organizations that promote integrated medicine and has sat on the Executive Boards of both ACAM (American College for the Advancement of Medicine) and ICIM ( The International College of Integrated Medicine). For more information on Dr. Courtney, visit


Minerals: Mysteries, Myth & Science a scientific lecture by Alexander G. Schauss, Ph.D. ©1996. Dr. Schauss is a member of our Research Advisory Board.